Andy Moor

Andy Moor will need no introduction to the majority of readers, currently sitting at number 18 in the world DJ poll, producer and remixer to the stars and a member of numerous acts including Leama & Moor, Tilt and Whiteroom to name a few.

A mixture of hard work, determination and raw talent has catapulted Andy to the status as one of the most definitive and influential artists in the dance music scene today, although to pigeonhole him into any musical category would be a crime in itself. From learning his first piano piece at the age of five to mastering six musical instruments by the age of eleven, From spinning his first record at the age of thirteen onto rocking the worlds leading festivals in front of tens of thousands of people by the age of twenty one. Now, with a few more wrinkles at 28 years old, he is considered by many a veteran of the industry acquiring an ever growing army of loyal followers.

Endlessly on Tour, Andy has been spreading his infectious grooves and beautiful melodies to every corner of the globe. Playing live at the worlds most prolific festivals and venues is where Andy gets chance to express his dedicated ear for uncompromising musical set structure.

Andy’s tour schedule makes for a dizzy read, clocking up over half a million air-miles every year, yet he always returns straight home to the studio, not wanting to waste the Musical talent that has earned him Best Trance producer and Best Trance Track at the 2004 trance awards, Best Dance Record at the 2006 International Dance Music Awards (for the track ‘Air for Life’ in collaboration with Above and Beyond), a Grammy nomination in 2008 (for his remix of ‘Delerium - Angelicus’) along with numerous other accolades.

The impressive list of artists to receive the Andy Moor remix touch include Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Paul Oakenfold, Brian Eno, Tiesto, Delerium and Arthur Baker to name but a few and as his tracks always add colour to club charts across the world. 2008 will see the emergence of the highly anticipated Andy Moor solo album, due for release under his own imprint AVA recordings, which follows on nicely from his 2005 album ‘explorer’ with Tilt, and the 2006 album ‘Common Ground’ with Leama & Moor.

Andy has always kept his feet firmly on the ground, preferring to spend all of his energy and attention on the Music and letting everything else fall into place. With this attitude, talent and work rate it is no wonder Andy Moor is at the top of his game….. yet we are assured the best is still to come.