Candy Cox

If i tell u that HARD TECHNO can be sweet, just as hard and powerfull, would u believe me???...well, let CANDY COX tell u that!!! For those who doesn't know her yet, Candy Cox is a gourgeous/talented Brazilian Hard Techno Djane, borned in Curitiba, a city in the south of Brasil. Since 2005, her incredible skills on the decks and her beautifull smile has been notice by the world of Techno music.

Candy 'felt in love' with music when she was just a little girl, her influences comes from all kinds of music, since 'Classical Music' to extreme sounds, like 'Gabba'. This endlles love and passion just grew along the years, and nowadays, music is her life. ( ) When Candy listenned Techno (in 1999) for the first time, it was like ''LOVE AT FIRST BEAT'', and from that time on, she wanted to become a Djane! She has learned the mixing technics with her friend Dj Bad (Josue Roseira, ), and after that, Candy has develloped her own skills and own technics more and more. With a whole lot of personallity and much style, she presents explosive sounds and clever mixings, her sets has always powerfull beats, full of energy, and plus, she can combined all of this talent with the most beautifull smile that the Techno crowd has ever seen. With her sweetness, carism and much love for the music and the crowd, Candy can make the dancefloor go crazy, just by looking at them. ?Claimed as 'THE HARD TECHNO QUEEN' in some of the countries that she has already been, she can't stop loving her work, putting her heart and soul on it. On 2006, Candy was invited to be part of the casting of Stereo70 Djs Agency and Management and the label Nerven Records , by Marco Remus, and on 2007, in october, she was on Tour in Europe, for the first time. On march of 2008, she went to Europe for a second Tour, wich was a huge succes. Her third Europe Tour happened on 2009, and it was also a succes, togheter with her fourth tour in Latin America, where she has a big legion of fans and fallowers after 4 Tours there. For 2010, she will be touring again in Europe, but now, being taking care by Trivialbookings, the biggest hardtechno Musik Agency in Spain.

The countries that already felt in love with Candy Cox (by seeing her at work) are: Portugal, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria, Venezuela, Columbia, and of course, her beloved home country, Brasil. After almost 4 years of a carreer based on her love for Techno/Hard Techno, a lot of work, research, learning and full dedication, Candy is already recognized as one of the best djanes of the Techno and Hard Techno Scene. On the last years, she played at renamed clubs, parties and festivals, such as Dance Valley Festival in The Netherlands ( ), Apokalypsa Festival in Czech Republic ( ), Code @ Fabrik in Madrid, Montagood Festival ( ), Club La Cova, Club Zoreks, those also in Spain, among many others.

Candy spreads her love for the music wherever she spins around, with ''some kind of magic'' as some fans says!!! Her presence transmits to the dancefloor, sweetness and such an amazing energy, that make it obvious the reciprocity of all this love with the crowd!!! And with versatility, sometimes you can listen a little bit of Booty, Ghettotech, Jackin Techno, HardCoreTechno and Gabba when she is doing her magic, and that makes her sets and all her work really UNIQUE and AUTHENTIC and even more interesting, cause you never know what she is up to. As some people says; ''she knows what she is doing on the decks''.

Well, if you have seen Candy Cox in action, i'm sure you know what i'm talking about!!?She is a powerfull Lady Djane!! Candy is always working hard with her music and in the begining of 2010, on partnership with his friend Fernanda Martins, they created their own label called 'PINK ABOUT IT! RECS' and on January 4th, they released their first EP, called 'Look and Listen', coming along with Remixes made by great producers/djs: Lexis, Alex TB and Mechanical Brothers. This EP is available exclusivelly at WWW.SOMIXX.COM . Take a look, and listen to it! Along with this brand new label, Candy and Fernanda can't never get tired of work, and they joined forces again, to create the very first Hard Techno Female Duo, presenting to everybody: 'PINK NOISE!'. Their sensational presentation on 4Decks, is just pure POWER!! Watch out for those two ladies!! Keep your eyes and your ears opened, because our Hard Techno Sweetheart, Candy, is always up to something new and you don't want to miss it at all!!