Carrie Cooper

Since 1999 Carrie has lived within the music media world. Beginning her career in specialist and electronic radio production & presentation for Spain’s Global Radio, she went on to be contracted by the BBC (CI) as a broadcast journalist, presenter & producer, (in addition hosting the flagship politics programme & taking on the role of Arts Producer) all the while DJing at a host of bars, lounges & niche events. Carrie has played festivals, Asian beach clubs, Spanish boat parties, corporate castle parties and straight up electronic music gatherings.
Moving beyond the BBC in 2013 Carrie now works as a freelance journalist, writer, micro filmmaker, DJ & music consultant for independent establishments with her bespoke, play-listing business “Mudita Music”.
Her strongest passions music wise are electronica, jazz and world music with an appropriate reflection of both indie and heritage on the side. Carrie at times crafts sets with a very specific line of creativity, though is known for a style that could be described as stylishly erratic, creatively conflicting, and for want of a better word, eclectic.

Now based in and around Europe Carrie’s relentless search for music new and old continues ever more unceasing. Whether for gigs, clients or radio shows, audio pearls that are dynamic, unapologetic and all in all memorable are the signature to a Carrie Cooper set.
Music aside, travel, culinary gratification & quality storytelling are all central to Carrie's diverse and ongoing output.