Disco Nutter & KALBR

Disco Nutter (born Yasen Velchev, 1989) is a Bulgarian producer and a DJ with a diverse taste in music, as well as productions varying from dubstep/grime to hip-hop, breaks and the odd musical experiment.

Having been raised in the suburban outer districts of Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia, Disco Nutter draws his inspiration from all the things surrounding him – people, scenery, concrete, music and etc. His sound does not follow a trend - deep, mellow tunes could suddenly be replaced by dark and gritty basslines and hard-hitting drums, uplifting atmospheres – by eerie ones.

Coming from a hip-hop background (with first serious attempts at making music dating back to the winter of 2003/2004) Yasen’s production used to be heavily based on sampling. But after discovering dubstep and grime music a whole new range of musical opportunities opened up to him.

Born 12 of April 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Vasil Spirov (KALBR) is a Bulgarian dubstep producer and DJ. He began studying the guitar at the age of 9, and some years later started working with various DAWs and producing instrumentals, influenced by various music styles. He released a couple of hip-hop tracks under a different alias. Some years later his productions started being attracted to the dark sound and the emphasis on bass, resulting in enormous interest in bassline, 2step, dubstep and some ambient styles.

In 2009 he joined “Bonkerz”, a Bulgarian net label founded by Disco Nutter. As a result the duo started working together.
One of the collaborations is the remix of Mark Instinct’s track Sketchy Maxx released in February, 2010 by the American label Betamorph Recordings. Before that KALBR took part in the compilation album ‘Dubsteppers for Haiti: Volume One’ together with producers from all over the world with his track “2010”, and its cause is to help relieve Haiti from the earthquake.

Disco Nutter’s previous releases are the free single “Dawn” on a Bulgarian label, the self-released EP with MC Werd Mechanic and a couple of free downloadable hip-hop singles with various Bulgarian mcs. Forthcoming track releases are on Carbon Logic (his track “Feeling”), Badman Digital (remix of DZ – Up and Down), Betamorph (remix of Richie August – Let’s Kill) and an EP on Rogue Dubs.

Disco Nutter