DJ L'embrouille

L'embrouille, a French DJ (Digital Jockey), is mixing since 2004. He's really devoted to the netlabel scene and plays only free stuff. He already released many sets in various DJ netlabels such as Mixotic, Sonic Walker, Op3n, Midnight, Deep In Dub, Polymorphic, but also in DJ section of various netlabels like Zimmer, Pentagonik, Pinksilver, Avionix, Offaudio, Foem, Echosuro, Stir Sound and more.

Some are only released on his own "Melenick Session" platform. "Melenick Session" is also the name of his weekly radio show where he plays only fresh netlabel stuff broadcasted every week on But the show is also broadcasted on other netradios, for example Dolebrai and Subflow. L'embrouille is always looking for netradios which can host the show. So if you are interested or know people who can be just drop a line.