Dj Nokturnus

Already in the primary school his parents and teachers discovered Svens musical talent.
At that time however he showed his feeling for beats and harmonic sounds more with his singing than with producing own music.
With the years he decided against a further career in the classical singing and changed himself more and more into other music directions. Over many detours he finally arrived into the world of the electronic music, those which had been played on various technopartys into the late 80?s.
At that time still as a usual consumer he decided to buy soon even own turntables to try his luck with the grooving beats and chilling sounds of this time. As he recognized that this music direction became even more and more popular and meanwhile nearly each DJ played the same vinyls, he looked for a style, positioned still more in the underground and was only estimated from few Humans.
After short time he discovered the agressive and destructive beats of the hardtechno scene. Fascinated by the extremely hard basses and the infinite energy of this compromiseless sound, he had also found now his own style. If he had before already some successes on smaller parties and in various internet radio shows, he got more and more popular with his new music selection in the following time.
The people love him today because of his straight-lineness and loyalty to the pure sound. Where Dj Nokturnus unpacks once his black gold, nothing remains to stand, at least never the extatic dancing public.
With his "compromiseless, annihilating hardtechno", as he designates his style, he already played on various partys, in popular clubs like the "butan" or "fusion club" beside well-known Djs such as waldhaus and weichentechnikk, DJ Amok, Matt M. Maddox or Hardtrax, prove that he can also rock the people with his own produced tracks.
With his first foreign appearance as headliner,also the slovakian hardtechno freaks got inspired by the impact of his unique sound. As one of the first members of the "Incite Records" booking agency he will show the people also in the next year on different partys with his new own productions and annihilating sets, what it is called to play a club into debris and ash.