d-phrag & Plamen K

In 2008 two Bulgarian DJs decided to join forces as a creative duo to explore the boundaries of contemporary progressive electronic music. Their identical musical preferences reflect in numerous mixsets, discovering the wide range of music that fells into "progressive" definition. Since the summer of 2008 they are performing together and called their show "Alterations", meaning the constantly evolving nature of the music.


I always have been passionate about different styles of music, but definitely not the mainstream, which is on each & every radiostation. My love with the electronic music dates back to 2002 when I heard some trance/progressive trance tracks as well as the Astral Projection, who by that time were hip and kinda underground.
Later my musical taste has been heavily influenced by the Global Underground series, The Essential Mix on BBC, as well as John Digweed's Kiss 100 radioshow. The DJ's that shaped my vision for the modern electronic music - Kleineberg, Sasha, Digweed, Oakenfold, Dave Seaman...to name a few.
At some point I decided to try some DJ software in order to make a mix with only the tracks he likes and that was the moment I fell in love with the DJ mixing. After a year of rather underground mixing, I was invited to do a guest mix as "Artist Of The Week" on friskyradio.com - and that event logically led to my own DJ show on the same radio. The show is called Immersed and features new and established talents on the progressive electronic music scene. Currently the show has an average of 1500 listeners from all over the world. The show has been a good start for young and upcoming artists like Lokitas, Silent Brothers, Grigory & Anthony and Denver & Mints from Russia, Audionova from Serbia, Kintar & Rex from Argentina as well as many others (many of them are now residents with their own show on friskyradio).


Plamen K
Plamen K was born on February 15 1988 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Among other things his passion are the graphic and web design. Dj mixing is more like a hobby for him, as he likes to relax listening to the pleasant sounds of the electronic music. He is gaining popularity by being a resident DJ at DarkSideBar in Plovdiv and he is looking forward for the big scene. He had his own show on the late ADN Alternative (R.I.P), "Progressive Minds", and after he met DJ Sinai they decided to join efforts for show's hosting. They changed the name of the show to "The Savagery Show', but unfortunately ADN Alternative has been closed soon after that. To name few of the notable guests to the show: d-phrag, keekos, dj sinai, deep-z, lacandon, yeahman, dj d.denchev, chris bau, odman & sayegh, faces, dj onirika....Now he and the other three guys from "Pgoressive minds" /DJ Muggsy, DJ Toppy and DJ Bate/ having theyr own show on friskyradio.com and pure.fm. Plamen also has been a guest DJ on radiostations like www.pure.fm /Mindscapes/, www.jenny.fm /Darksenses/, www.radiogetswild.com, www.alpharadio.bg/Club Alpha/ www.tribalmixes.com/IDC(International DJ Competition, Dead Souls, Mind Control, Dead Souls - Anniversaryshow/ www.danceradio.gr /Old man's kitchen/ and a couple of times in www.friskyradio.com /Frisky radio loves Bulgaria, Immersed, The new wave of bulgarian DJs/