Hector Romero

When I asked him the perennial question journalists ask DJ’s about their style, Hector Romero replied: “I play the best of all genres of dance music.” Quite the dibs, but Hector’s got the credentials to back it up.

2006 begins with Hector Romero’s first international mix CD release, “Pacha Winter Sessions”. The double CD hits the streets Jan ’06 in many countries around the world. It includes Hector Romero on Disc one and Spain’s Juan Diaz on Disc two. "When I was originally asked by Danny Whittle at Pacha Ibiza to mix Disc one of the Pacha Winter album I felt flattered and honored.” An honor that is helping to solidify, Romero’s international persona, and opening doors into new countries like Morocco and Switzerland with a full world tour in the stars for this year.

In 2000, Romero became the fourth wheel to the Def Mix triumvirate; alluding to the completion of a set for one of the most acclaimed DJ rosters in existence. Being the youngest of the crew, Hector brings a fresh take on house music to the company. Romero elaborates: “They respect me for my energy and for being different from everyone else. I bring a different flavor to the company.

Since his beginnings as thirteen-year-old DJ wunderkind “Baby Hec” Romero back in 1983, a growing reputation landed him at La Mirage, the hottest uptown Latin club at the time. As the New York City house music renaissance ensued, Hector found himself at the helm of legendary dance floors Save the Robots, The Red Zone (where he met David Morales), Palladium and Roxy. Hector admits “I have not stopped DJ’ing once in my career.”

Hector has worked as an employee for Def Mix for ten years. He has proven to be quite the workhorse, keeping his finger quick on the pulse of the company’s daily business operations. Known for their house clout, Def Mix broadened their horizons with SAW Recordings, the brainchild co-run by owner Satoshi Tomiie and partner Label Manager Hector Romero.

Known first and foremost for an innovative approach to the house sound, SAW’s output have all the crucial elements to them. Hector explains: “Everything’s got to be funky with your baseline, good vocals, catchy hooks, very important stuff that’s going to stand the test of time.” The highly touted compilation, Undulation 1 (mixed by Satoshi & Hector) saw a highly touted 2003-4 world tour.

As a crucial member of the Def Mix camp, Hector’s plan for the future is to grow as an executive for the SAW label. “Since I don’t remix or produce, being a business person Monday through Friday is my love and passion,” he expounds. Romero distinguishes the weekend as a time to take his A&R duties abroad: “I take everything we’ve signed, the music that I’ve been sent, on the road and have a good time. Just stepping it up another level and continuing to influence people.”

Whether he’s rocking it out at Pacha, Ibiza or in Greece, UK, France, Spain, Italy, USA or Canada, Hector works hard at his craft, making sure clubbers have a good time. What sets Romero apart from the rest, his ability to reach out to the masses, makes him a favorite with promoters and clubbers alike: “[Promoters] love it when people go to the gigs and smile, and have a good time with their customers. I love it. It’s work, but it’s also good fun.”

By pushing the boundaries of dance music, Hector is quickly becoming the face of the future: “Dance music is huge in Europe because that’s their culture. They grew up on dance music. But hip-hop and R&B is something they learned from us. So here in America, I’ll be fighting for it and I hope for it to grow and get bigger.”