Shifting through different music styles through the the years helped Kinjo [Kristijan] to better understand music and choose the sound and speed that fit him the most. From breakbeat and electronica in the beginning of his musical journey, through the psychedelic trance period in his late teens he finally settled in the environment of techno and minimal.

Working with dj colleague Cosmic, they started playing trance music firstly on private parties, later on some festivals and gigs in the country. There were 2 occasions when they acted as co-organisers on a 2 day open air festival in Veles, a neighbouring city to the capital of Macedonia – Skopje.

After some years, Kinjo’s interest moved towards a slower style, progressive. That is the time when he met with Tanimed, a fellow dj and progressive lover. Together they formed Beatnex, a organization that now exists as a part of the Macedonian electronic music scene through which they regularly present their latest favourite tracks during their resident parties.

Currently he is playing techno and minimal tunes, sometimes spiced with some tech-house sounds to add up to the beauty of it all.