Maiia (sanskrit – magic, illusion), real name is Alla Vagner.

Maiia had played since 2005 year and from that time she with success acted at the best music clubs of Moscow (Ikra, Plastilin, Persona Grata, Rotonda, Solnce House, SDK MAI and others).

In 2006 year she began to produce music in style psy chill. The debut release took place in January 2008, exiting the track When The Wind Changes in the compilation of VA Waves Parampara Rec.

In 2006 and 2007, she spoke at one of the largest open air in Latvia, KLUSA DABA, and also played at the festival Rhythms of Peace in Morocco, Planet Art Eco Festival (Ukraine, Crimea), Systo Palty Togathering (coast of the Finnish Gulf). Maiia music sounded at many open-airs near Moscow.

Styles - ambient, ambient dub, ethno, minimal techno, psy chill, and her own compositions.