Matt M. Maddox

Mattias Mavrovic aka MATT M. MADDOX was born in the nice holiday area of Mali Losinj, Croatia. From his earliest childhood he has found favour in electronic music and at the age of 16 he has found his true love in hard techno music. From now on everything he had he spent on dj-equipment and soon was his alter ego Matt M. Maddox born.
In 2004 he had his first release on the german label Bitshift "Critical Demonstration". Since them Matt M. Maddox belongs the top producers of the hard Techno Scene . With releases on Labels such as Bitshift, Jackstar, Tool Terror, Compressed and many more he had chance to create his own sounds and his typical Maddox Style. No question that Matt participate actively in the scene and provides for long and great party nights all over the globe.
As a DJ, Matt M. Maddox appeared in over 16 countries, e.g. Brasil, Colombia, Venezuela, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Ukraine and many more….

In 2005 Matt has his premier on the radio show “Trakstor mix mission 2005” on the dance radio channel Sunshine-Live. In the year 2007 Matt has his premiere on the Abstract floor at “ Nature One”, one of the biggest festival in Germany. In the same year two Compilations, mixed by Matt, were released too. The Ultimate Compression he mixed with his colleque Tobias Lьcke for the label Compressed. The second compilation is a part of the famous “Schranz Total” collection, which Matt was allowed to mix the number 17 with Linda Pearl.
One of the largest success in Matt..s carrier was Psycho 2005 on Robert Natus.. Label – Bitshift. The record was sold all over the world with large success and was a turning point in Matt..s career. With that Releas Matt become famous in the Scene world wide and had the chance to develop his sound. The record Psycho 2005 appaerd many Compilations and mixes. Two years after Psycho 2005, the second part will follow now- Psycho 2007 EP. The Vinyl will be released on the label of Sven Wittekind-Inflicted.


Matt M. Maddox - Critical Demonstration(Bitshift 004)
Matt M. Maddox - The Sparoga(Bitshift 006)
Matt M. Maddox - Psycho 2005 (Bitshift 011)
Matt M. Maddox - Magic Box (Compressed032-6)
Matt M. Maddox - Dark Emotions (NEW) (Systemcall 007)
Matt M. Maddox - Secret Darkness (NEW) (Toolterror09)
Pet Duo vs. Matt M. Maddox - Hammer Sweet Hammer(Combat-Skill 005)
Greg NoTiLL vs. Mattias Mavrovic aka Matt. M Maddox - Never Be Proud (Carnage 013)
Maddox Project vs. Teknicity - Dawn OF The Sheep (Crowbar 018)
V/A - Brachial 02 - Silvertool (Brachial 02)
V/A - Art Of Distruction vol. 2 - Bonetool (Crowbar 003)
V/A - Defibrilator - Ula Kazula (Car 001)
V/A - Friendly Fire vol. 3 - Matt M. Maadox & Arkus P. - First Try (FriendlyFire 03)
V/A - Favourite Tools III - Matt M. Maddox vs. Chris Binder - Miami Slivovice (PlanetNatus 003)
V/A - Glycerine - Princess Diana (Car02)
V/A - Art Of Distruction vol. 5 - X - Daza (Crowbar 019)
V/A - Akkro Warriors - Maddox-Project vs. JLI Project - Akkro Warriors (JLI003)


Greg NoTiLL - Fuck To All Pretentious Guyz (Matt M. Maddox Remix) (Fat Tm 003)
Bazz Dee & Marcel Cousteau - Constructions (Matt M. Maddox Remix) (AB001)
Dj Bam Bam - Bass Bangin (Matt M. Maddox Remix) (NEW) (JKS012)