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My name is Nikolay Bozov and i'm 17 from Bulgaria.I'm progressive and minimal house producer. I have some tracks and mixes and i'm searching for scene to present them.

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Nikki Bozov


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Added on: 03.09.2018

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Hey everybody here is something new that i tried, this is acoustic mix of Daley's song She Fades. Hope you like this experiment.
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Nikki Bozov

Daley - She Fades (Nikk ..

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Added on: 29.09.2016

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Here is my deep remix to Bob Sinclars track Feel The Vibe. Hope you like it!

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Nikki Bozov

Bob Sinclar - Feel The ..

(06:35 mins)

Added on: 24.06.2015

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New release!
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Nikki Bozov

Nikolay Bozov - Deep Oc ..

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Added on: 11.06.2015

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Hey This Is My New Remix. I tried something new. Hope that you like it.

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Nikki Bozov

DJ Judi - People Are Pe ..

(05:12 mins)

Added on: 16.02.2015

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Nikki Bozov

Tubec & Tantra - Rain ( ..

(06:29 mins)

Added on: 30.09.2014



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nikolaybozov says: (12 Nov 12)

New track is coming with Mattix, one my friend who is minimal, techno and dubstep producer.