At the beginning he was listening pop music.

Later it was changed by the electronic music, especially his commitment for techno. One of his friends bought 2 turntables and mixers, and when he saw what these „gadgets” can do, he decided to become a DJ. For the sake of the cause, he did everything, he practiced a lot, and thanks to a fortunate accident, he got to know Thomas Oven & Kiri. They started to organize the well-known Shockwave event. Because of the incompatibility of the members, Nilux left
Shockwave and became a maverick. He was a constant guest of the Kashmir Underground Club, and he traveled to several rural places too, so he became familiar with the partyfaces.

In 2003 he was a member in the Speedpunks team, which was led by U.F.I.. In the same year, with his friend, KillSwitch, he traveled around the country and played b2b sets.

After that, the New Generation of Hard Techno was formed. He became one of the residents and the co-lead manager as well. Nowadays Nilux is the biggest talent of the accepted young generation, and it’s proved by the many numbers, and the success of their events...