Patrik Georgiev,also known as „Nobody“ is one of the most productive bulgarian hardtechno and schranz artists, born at the non very small sea side city – Varna in the 1990.
Inspired by the Hardstyle and Hardcore sound, he decided to try to make hes own sounds, starting with more ruff and dark things ass Dark and Terror core in the 2008. By the time (not much time), trying more and more styles, all of them hard, he found hes Hard-Techno passion.
The name „Nobody“ came accidentally. There isn't a big story about that, just a joking idea to be misunderstanding when somebody see that name somewhere. First track "Illusionisto" was released by Gamma-Core Records in 2010 with the totally bulgarian compilation "Made In Bulgaria". Soon his music started to be released by different international labels, such as Darkness-Falls, Omega, Young Blood, Dezaster,Clinical Error, Overload, Event Horizon, 5 Mind Records, Criminal Music, Hard Tunes, Schranz Fabrik, Hardstation and many more and more to come.
In his music you'll hear fast, strong and powerful beats, funky and groovy melodies and vocals that kinda reminds for the oldschool rave sounds and some bootlegs - mostly Bulgarian “tralala” songs, but not only. Trying to make happy and joyful beats, but sometimes the become dark and so depressive.
His first party as a DJ was in the summer of 2010, Schranz Factory, organized by Darkness-Falls. One Year later, he went to the "Criminal Camp @ Nature One 2011" invited by Adrian Valera, all that thanks to a great person from Venezuela - Cuyi.
He has played on one stage with artists such as Mario Ranieri, Adrian Valera, Sandy Warez, Barbers, Sepromatiq, Bentech, XavorR, DJ Proton, Golpe, Arkus P., Jan Fleck, Torsten Kanzler and more.
In november 2011, he is joining the booking agency of Adrian Valera - Criminal-Bookings.

Past Events:
20.08.2010 - "Schranz Factory 7" Open Air @ Lipite, Varna. (BG)
20.11.2010 - "SubSonic's B-day" @ Mingosh, Varna.(BG) Guest : DJ Proton (DE)
07.01.2011 - "Double Penetration" @ The Box, Sofia (BG)
11.02.2011 - "Battle Destruction" @ Party Center 4km, Sofia (BG)
27.02.2011 - "Before Dusk" @ 8 Bit, Sofia (BG)
15.04.2011 - "Critical Damage" @ Patry Center 4km, Sofia (BG). Guest : Sepromatiq (SK)
30.04.2011 - "System Terror" @ Club Spacer, Sofia (BG). Guest : Mario Ranieri (AU)
16.07.2011 - "Techno Resurrection" @ El Gordo, Varna (BG)
04-07.08.2011 - "Criminal Camp @ Nature One 2011", Kastellaun, Pynda (DE)
10.09.2011 - "Joy's B-day Massacre" @ Party Center 4km, SOfia (BG). Guests: Sepromatiq (SK), Xavorr (SP), Golpe (CZR), Aihst (BR).
18.09.2011 - "Шранца Прави Танца Live" @ Club Little Rock, Stara Zagora (BG)
14.10.2011 - "Schranz Vs Gabber" @ Party Center 4km, Sofia (BG)
04.11.2011 - "Heavy Circus" @ Club Kashmir, Budapest (HU)
19.11.2011 - "SubSonic's B-day" @ El Gordo, Varna (BG)
25.11.2011 - Renesanz Presents - DJ AMOK @ club Spacer, Sofia and Comix Club, Varna (BG)
21.01.2012 - Winter Reunite HARDSTYLE @ Jules Verne Bar Sofia (BG)
02.02.2012 - Future Noise @ 8bit Bar Sofia (BG)
10.03.2012 - Get 2D Rave with DJ PROTON @ club The Box Sofia (BG)
16.03.2012 - 5 Years Darkness Falls @ Comics Club Varna (BG)
23.03.2012 - Future Noise 2 @ club The Box Sofia (BG)
24.03.2012 - Mesarski Rojden Den @ 8bit Bar Sofia (BG)
31.03.2012 - Sadistic Souls @ club The Box Sofia (BG)
06.04.2012 - Hard-Techno Injection vol.4 @ club The Box Sofia (BG)
19.05.2012 - Dreadkick's B-day Sacralige @ club The Box Sofia (BG)
15-16-17.06.2012 - Jeleznitza Open Air @ Jeleznitza (BG)
15.09.2012 - Joy's B-day Massacre @ Party Center 4km Sofia (BG)

Music Styles : Hardtechno / Schranz / Industrial Hardcore

Releases :

[GMC004]VA - Made In Bulgaria,...P3/xe/show.html

[CHR004]NoHead & Nobody - No Signal EP

[OMR019]VA - Destroymachinal

[DFS005]SubSonic - My Wrong Side Remixes EP

[YBR006]VA - Get Funk'd

[WAX002]VA - Extermination EP

[DFS006]VA - Fuck You

[CLINICAL ERROR 007]Nobody - He Kills For Fun EP

[DZR003]VA - Biohazard EP
Buy at Sommix:

[DZR004]Nobody - Back To Bassic EP


[OVD003]Nobody - Inside Insanity

[OVD007]Nobody - Not E-Nuff Pleasure

[5MRS02]Nobody - The Illusionist EP

[CMR001]VA - World of Music EP

[REBORN001] YES, we can!,+we+can


[CMR002]VA - Anonymous

[HTR002]VA - NO WAR E.P.

[HSR011]Barbers & Friends EP

[OVD025]Metalix - Veshtestva EP + Remixes

[Traffic Records] The Best Hardbeats.Vol.1

[Traffic Records] The Best Hardbeats vol.2

[SFR04]VA - Rippers

[CHR08]VA - The Clock House

[OVD018] Open Your Eyes

[OVD011] Joy and Friends EP1 2011

[OVD010] Bootleg Remixes 2011

[EVH013] Nobody - Schranzenstein EP,u~8410008167,p1~mp3/xe/details.html

[YBR] Matthew - Step By Step +Remixes,u~10039134,p1~mp3/xe/details.html

Skype: patrikadze

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