Oli Inkognito

Oli Inkognito is one half of the Dj/Producer Team s.h.e.e.p. (with Marc van Mumpitz). From 2003 to 2007 he was acting as A&R & Label Dj for the Munich based Label Hardboiled Records.

Today he is playing as a Label Dj for the well known German progressive Label Vertikal Records ( www.vertikal-records.com ). In 1997 he started djing at small parties - now he can look back on uncountable parties and festivals. Natraj Temple Partys (Munich), Klang der Essenzen, Moonchild, XYMOX, Soma Solaris, Nine Bar (Vagator), Zoo thousand and two (South Africa), Mandorla (South Africa) Darklines (Austria), Blue Butterfly (Switzerland), Zirk Partys (Amsterdam), D-Apontia Gathering (Greece), Vortex (Czech Republic) Gathering of the Tribes, Electricity Festival, Organic Atmosphere and Shuria’s World (Berlin) are just a few of them.

He plays as resident Dj at GOTEC ( www.gotec-cafe.de ).
His style is progressive Trance with influences from progressive House, minimal Techno and dirty Electro. He loves the alternative floors and is proven to turn a dancefloor mad with his set. He is the Organizer of the sucessful “PINKE PUNKTE – progressive Grooves” Partys every 2nd month in Karlsruhe and from time to time in Munich (Natraj Temple / Traumraum Club). www.pinkepunkte.com
Together with Dj Larimar and Marc van Mumpitz he founded the legendary Spiralclan ( www.spiralclan.com ) in the year 2000 and they also organize their own parties around Munich. ( Psychedelic Afternoon Afterhours, Pleasure Addicted Partys, Buddha Bar, Rossdance and of course Groove Garden and the Allach Partys the family knows!)

The first track from s.h.e.e.p. has been released on their Hardboiled Wonderland Compilation and on Yellow Sunshine Explosion. They also made a remix from POTS – Dandy Division for Tribal Vision Records and they are working on new wired stuff together with Dr.Balser (Oli from Aerolink/Psychonaut). Oli Inkognitoґs focus is actually on Djing!