Oliver Prime

There's nothing quite extraordinary to tell about Oliver Prime's early age. He didn't start learning an instrument at the age of a baby, he doesn't have much musical background, nor does he come from a parent's house full of musical masterminds.

The story of interest begins during Oliver's study of telematics/network engineering at his hometown Klagenfurt in Austria (no kangaroos). While spending more time for experiments with sounds than preparing for exams, he quickly managed to become the most promising progressive trance producer among the Austrian music scene, getting widespread and notable support of his tracks and remixes by the world's top DJs.

During this time in 2004, Oliver planted his first mentionable root in the international music industry with his single "Radiance" on Spinnin' Records in the Netherlands, which was proclaimed by trance legend John 00 Fleming to be his favourite tune since years. Things really got going after his widely recognized rework of the ever famous "Netherworld" by L.S.G early 2005, which was featured on Ti?sto's In Search Of Sunrise 4 compilation and instantly put him on the world-wide map. Oliver's latest offering is the self-explanatory song "I was a bee" on Oxygen Recordings, including a classical piano interpretation spiced with gentle electronica.

Oliver believes that "the future in electronic dance music lies in its fusion with analogue live instruments". His vision is the combination of the lively, in some sense stochastic conveyance of musical ideas from for example a human hand, with the rather deterministic consistancy of the digital producing method and its superior flexibility. Following this approach, Oliver increasingly collaborates with classical artists like pianists and violin players, and of course "with himself" as a self-taught guitar player. On the other hand, his apparent predilection for detail distinguishes him from the usual "copy and paste" mindset that seems to have been overused since the first occurance of a computer as music instrument.

On the DJ side of things, the last few years have been a constant development, with increasing performances at clubs and festivals all around Europe. Originally from the "vinyl generation", Oliver quickly switched to Ableton live, as he sees many more possibilities there. "I use it to create a more interesting DJ set by also adding own elements", he explains, "instead of wasting time to beat match two tracks, which seems to has become so trivial and pointless". Since 2006 Oliver hosts a radioshow on www.di.fm called "aromatherapy" every first Tuesday of the month, whose latest episode can be replayed on his website.

The fruits of his work are visible all across the globe, by leaving a fresh breeze of gentle innovation with every new production. UK's renowned DJ Magazine titled him being "undoubtedly at the cutting edge of genre-busting underground trance" – stay tuned, the best is yet to come...