OVERTONEZ is a project created by HARI SINGH and KARUN DUTTA in 2004. Since then, the focus has been to develop and grow as a full on production unit as well as in doing events. After putting on parties sucessfully in Goa and other places around India, PSYTRIBE was formed in the UK, when both of them were in Manchester. They met the Psybase crew and formed a collective tribe promoting Psytrance parties around the North west of UK. They have had the opportunity to play with artists such as PHATMATIX, REV, KHOPAT, DEJAVOO. They specialize in doing live sets with a TB 303 and Sherman filterbank. They are unsigned with any major label at the moment, but have a presence on online labels such as:

HARI SINGH did his audio engineering diploma from SAE Chennai in 2003. He then shifted to Delhi to work in a studio called STUDIO SYNTHESIS for a year, where he had the opportunity to work with Indian classical greats such as USTAD AMJAD ALI KHAN, AMAAN and AYAAN ALI KHAN, ANOUSHKA SHANKAR, etc. he then shifted to Manchester, where he joined the MANCHESTER MIDI SCHOOL to focus more on electronic music. Here, he also produced with NONCHALANT sounds, making Indian electronica as well working in clubs doing live sound and event management. He is now back in Delhi, where he works with an audio solution company called AUDIO ASHRAM. He also has a project with NIKHEL KUMAR MAHAJAN (SATTYANANDA, KALYUG, SHIVA CENTRAL) called SAATVIK SEQUENCERS, which focuses on Indian classical music fused with electronica. Hari also has a solo project called DERVISH, which he uses as a platform to produce Indian sufi electronica. Apart from production, Hari is also plays and produces electro house, under the pseudonym DIRTY HARRY, and he has played around Delhi in venues such as BACI, CAPITOL and MANRE.

KARUN DUTTA finished from SAE Chennai in 2003. From then on, he has been focusing on his passion for djing and organizing events. After having played and experimented with all genres of electronic music, having played all over India, he decided to join Hari in Manchester after doing another course in electronic music from the MANCHESTER MIDI SCHOOL. His production skills match with his extensive knowledge of music to be able to work in any genre of music. He is successfully managing the PSYTRIBE parties in Manchester at the moment.