Satoshi Tomiie

I cant say no, laughs Satoshi Tomiie. Its really hard for me to turn down DJing dates. If someone wants me to play for them, what can I say? At times its felt like Im a rock band on a world tour, chuckles one of the busiest DJs on the circuit. Luckily, while traveling the globe Satoshi is still able to work on electronic music tracks using his laptop; creating new music by swimming pools, on beaches, in hotel rooms, on the move. There are lots of distractions though... Satoshi does reluctantly concede that hes going to have to cut down on his touring schedule for fall & winter 2005. This will enable him to create the music he is committed to writing and producing in 2006. First on the list for 06 is Renaissances new series 3D. The 3 CD series will include the following discs: Club, Home, and Studio. This is a step above any ordinary compilation as it will offer a 3-dimensional view into Satoshis musical life spread across the three discs. The 'Club' disc will be a straight-up reflection of the sets he is currently playing in clubs, providing a snapshot of a night with Satoshi on the dance floor. Disc 2 will be 'Home', a selection of tracks; mixed or unmixed that Satoshi listens to in his downtime and tracks that has influenced him over the years. Disc 3 the 'Studio' disc will feature a selection of his original productions and remixes. Included will be exclusives and tracks especially updated for the album. Satoshis Saw Recordings label has carved out a niche and has earned a formidable reputation for credible club grooves. Taking its name from a sound wave, the company has to date unleashed 50 singles along with 4 albums including Chabs sublime variety of rock, electro and house tracks, electro group SLOK, Tiny Stikz and Satoshis own mix compilations ES and ES-B. The first being a typical Satoshi club set of spacey tech grooves, progressive funk and dark chugging clubby rhythms. The second CD is more chilled, the kind of set hed play at Cafe Mambo at a sunset Ibiza pre-party. Satoshi and label partner, Hector Romero mixed and released Undulation 1 the first in a series of SAW catalogue compilations. Satoshi is excited about the labels progress with artist singles and albums, along with digital distribution deals recently inked with iTunes, and Beatport. The label represents Satoshis vision; creating music and introducing opportunities for lesser known producers in both Electronic and Dance Music.
Although Satoshis beginnings were based on his musicianship as a classically trained musician, he used his talents in the early years of his career to write, program and produce some of the biggest classic house records of our time.
Satoshis debut solo album was 2000s massive Full Lick. A mix of classic vocal house styles and darker progressive moods, Full Lick featured the outstanding Satoshi anthem Love In Traffic with Kelli Ali (ex-Sneaker Pimps) on vocals. The track was picked up by John Digweed for his Global Underground mix and remains a progressive classic to this day. The album also included Darkness featuring veteran house vocalist Robert Owens, and two tracks performed by Diane Charlamagne. When Satoshi was invited by compilation kings Global Underground to contribute a mix to their NuBreed series, it was a great honor. Satoshis album remains the fastest and highest selling NuBreed album to date.
The last few years have been all about DJing for Satoshi. This Japanese New Yorker has been virtually everywhere you can think of in recent years, playing literally hundreds of gigs probably the reason hes repeatedly voted into the higher reaches of DJ Magazines Top 100 DJs chart. In March 05 Tomiie was also voted Americas ..15 favorite DJ in the world by the premier Electronic magazine BPM. He only spins in his home city (Tokyo) every two or three months; the rest of the time hes traveling, using the Big Apple as a second home which also serves as a handy midpoint between Asia and Europe - where a lot of his gigs are. Although Satoshi is quiet and unassuming; he gets on with the job of playing and producing quality underground dance music.