Dj Skylander (aka Xxipz)
Nuclear Force Rec / Hypnotica Rec / PsR net-label

Constantine Sokolov from Moscow, Russia. Borin in 1982. listen electronic music from beginning of 1990-th, gabber-hardcore and jungle-drum'n'bass first. in 1996 first musician experiments on Impulse Tracker (as a project SKV, PSG scene crew). in 1999 come to psychedelic music world. and in 2000 start djing (as Dj Skylander). in 2001 first party promotion experience. little party in Moscow, but with Saint-Petersburgh friendly djs. from 2000 till today i play on parties and open-airs in Moscow, Saint-Petersburgh (2001, and later), Penza (2005, 2006), Voronezh (2006), and at the next festivals - Copper Lake 2004 (Saint-Petersburgh, Russia), kaZantip'06 (Popovka, Crimea, Ukraine), Spirit Dance Fest 2 (Hurzuf, Crimea, Ukraine) and some big events in Moscow.

Party promotion. first party in 2001. in december 2003-february 2006 i was one of founders (with my good friend Dj Arkanoid) and make so much party and weekly afterparty on label Top Secret Promo look for more info - ; in november 2006-february 2007 i'am was a part of Syntex Lab;
now i'am not in any promo group.

Labels and Recordings company in 2004-2006 i'am was found ORIGAMI Rec - free net-releases with Top Secret Promo artists livesets and music ; in 2006 i'am join the PsyRussia Net-Label, now i'am Label-Manager of this free net label -;
in november 2006 i'am join the Hypnotica Records, Sweden dark psy label -;
from december 2006, after drinking so much vodka with Vadim-Kalilaskov AS =) at the home of my good friend Dima-Bystrik i have global idea about open my personal Recordings Company - Nuclear Force Rec -

Internet-radio. promotion is promotion, and in 2005 i'am with my friends first-time on-air on SunWave internet radio in program Mushroom Rain. now this program is my =) every week on wednesday, 20:00-23:00 by moscow time, or 16:00-19:00 (summer) and 17:00-20:00 (winter) by gmt time -;
some my mixes plays at Triplag internet radio -;
and now i join Eilo internet radio/net-label -

Musicianing and Music Creation. in 1996-2000 make hardcore, drum'n'bass and some other music on Impulse Tracker - PSG scene crew 1999-2001, founder of PSM Net - ftn net and bbs =) old good FidoNet time - classic =) ; in 1999-2001 i use for music creation some windows stuff (soft synths and more) ; next years i'am not make music so long - from 2001 till 2007, but now i have some creative ideas and i compose music now as project Xxipz (Nuendo+VST).