Stephan Crown

Stephan Crown was born on July 11th 1974 in Rome, Italy. In 1994 Stephan decided it's time to take his place in the music scene and started his Dj career. In 2005 , Stephan started to hone on his production skills. Within 1 year he had signed albums by Eden Records (UK) . The next years he continued to produce music and play in many clubs .In 2010 has started special collaborations with MDRM .From 2011 he signed various releases ,remixes and featuring with Tambour,Ibiza Stereo records,Secondsun Ibiza,Melodica,Space Beat ,Tech You Very Much and more.
He is also member of the group Mi Vida Loca with which he collaborate two releases ,Trasgression and Meneito. He started another collaboration in 2014 with dj Dobermax.

The musical output of his DJ-sets usually varies between tech house, minimal or techno, depending on the location.
Stephan Crown has performed on several locations all around Italy, but also was appreciated in other countries all around the World .

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