Vladin Nikolov was born on 9th February 1992 in a beautiful city situated on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria - Varna. His passion for the art of music takes roots back in his early childhood. When he was 6 years old he started playing the piano and became a choir member.

Only at the age of 13, the young boy discovered his interest in the electronic music.
One day he accidentally has come across a boy who was playing music with “strange machines” at the schoolyard. In that very moment Vladin realized that there was never going to be anything else for him to do.

In September 2006, Vladin has already bought his first own DJ equipment and started self-practicing at home. It hasn’t been long, when in April 2007, came his first gig in the local night club “Delhi” with the nickname Divine.

At the beginning he got involved with progressive and tech-house, but then again he decided that he’s far more into the hard styles of electronic music. Vladin enjoys faster and harder beats,thus his decision was to try mixing and producing techno and hard techno. And it worked. Soon, still under the nickname Divine, Vladin created his own label – Gamma-Core Records and together with other fellow DJs began its development. In the spring of 2009 came his first release for the Hungarian label - Techno Art Recordings ((TART019) SubSonic & Divine - “Stigmata E.P.”).

Vladin likes to challenge himself and in 2010 he decided to make a change in the path of his music career again. He started a joint progressive house project with a colleague of his, they named it 2 Guys In Da House. When Vladin was 18, he and his partner were already conquering the bulgarian music scene with their massive tune “Moon”, which also is played on one of the best italian radio stations for dance music - Dance Music FM 94.300, Milan. Just few months later, their track “Morning sunshine” was in the weekly chart of the most aired tracks - Top 40 on Alpha Radio (Bulgaria). Only for 2 weeks “Morning sunshine” not only hit the top of the chart, but is also chosen for “Web hit” 8 times in a row by their fans and listeners.

A lot has happened since the 14 years old Vladin fell in love with the electronic music. A natural born modernist, Vladin has worked and produced in many styles covering 4/4, but that was only the beginning. In 2012 he gave a fresh start for a new project which he called simply and smartly - Vladin. This time the project is dedicated to the tech-house and techno styles. Vladin is really passionate about this one, because it is his “newborn” and he doesn’t spare neither time nor effort to develop it.